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       The Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop has been a unique shopping experience to all visiting Canada's Mineral Capital, Bancroft for many years. The ever changing selection of beginner to museum quality local and world wide minerals along with the expanding selection of fossil specimens available keep collectors returning annually to add to their collections. The mine continues to produce an abundance of Sodalite in all quantities from collector specimens to large garden pieces.

      The "Princess Collection", our unique selection of sterling silver jewellery crafted exclusively for the Princess Sodalite Mine Rock Shop using the Sodalite from this mine, is greatly expanding with the addition of another two silversmiths. Come check it out along with the many other varieties of stone in silver jewellery.

     If gifts items are what you're looking for, we continue to carry the customer favourites. Candle holders, bookends, wind chimes and stone carvings along with decorative minerals and large slices of various attractive stones that will add that unique touch to any home or cottage.

      As the worlds understanding and knowledge grow where alternative healing and the metaphysical are concerned so does our self named Healy Feely Section. What started out with a few crystals and a Chakra kit years ago has now begun to take over the store. Pendulums, wands, spheres, geometric shaped crystals, Introduction to Alternative Healing kits, crystal singing bowls, drums, sage, feather wands, abalone shells and candle singing bowls made on site are just some of the things you will see when you visit us. Don't forget to check out our metaphysical wall, here you will find nearly a hundred pre bagged tumbled stones with a label describing their metaphysical abilities. We make it our ongoing quest to search out the new and latest healing crystals.

      The Rock Farm, a must visit for collectors young and old, has new crops added this season to give collectors new pickings. What's new ...well that's the fun part, you have to visit to see for yourself.

What is the Rock Farm? (Revised 2022 Season)

      We seed the Rock Farm constantly. At any given time there are approximately 75-100 different varieties of rocks, minerals and fossils. All ages are permitted, however anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

It's free to go to the rock farm once you sign our liability form; you pay $2.00 per pound for anything you want to take away with you.

We have two rules of which we will not make any exceptions!
(The following is mandated by our insurance company. )

* First off EVERYONE who wishes to enter must have approved safety glasses, prescription glasses and or sunglasses are not acceptable. We do have safety glasses for sale in the store at a minimal cost.

* Secondly, COMPLETELY CLOSED FOOTWEAR on, absolutely nothing with any form of holes other than the one your foot goes in.

This is for your safety and makes complete sense when you actually think about what you're doing. The rock farm is a fenced off dump area, whether by machine or by hand we put the stuff there. You are walking on loose and often unsteady ground.

We supply you with collecting buckets only. If you wish to bring something to dump your buckets into to take home that's wonderful, if not we dump them in plastic bags or cardboard boxes if we have any available.

We DO NOT supply tools of any kind. We do suggest you bring tools if you wish to chip away on anything out there. Small hand tools are permitted, a hammer and chisel will usually do the trick nicely. You will not be allowed to take any large tools such as sledge hammers or power tools of any kind. This is for your safety as well as any others who may be in there.

Dogs are allowed in the rock farm as long as they are kept on a leash and you kindly pick up anything they might deposit while out there. We do have a dog on site so if your dog is not a team player, please inform us when you arrive we will gather him up, thus ensuring there are no unwanted canine altercations.

Other things you might want to bring...... Bug spray, snacks and drinks, sun protection and hats (keep in mind in the summer it is about ten degrees hotter on a pile of rock).

Thank you

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Princess Sodalite Mine
31241 Hwy 28 East, Bancroft, ON  K0L 1C0

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245 km from Toronto
225km from Ottawa
300km from North Bay

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